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Invented by Kendik Rubber Company, the Perfect Plunger is the only toilet plunger on the market that pushes with force, cleans up easily and features a suction cup that is guaranteed not to fold inward and trap waste water.

The Perfect Plunger is easy to rinse clean... no fold-in tip to trap dirty water or solids.

The Perfect Plunger is designed to properly fit virtually all toilets, and is especially useful on low water flow toilets.

The Perfect Plunger is made from a long-lasting compound, that has proven durable over 30 years of testing.
Sani-Plunge Homestyle plus
16" Perfect Plunger

Plus $18.95
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Commercial plus 27" Perfect

Plus $19.95
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The Perfect Plunger's powerful design moves large volumes of water for quick drain clearing, making the Perfect Plunger easier to use than conventional plunger designs.