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If you run a hospital, nursing home or hotel, you probably have professional concerns about allowing your patrons to see an exposed toilet plunger being carried about the premises. Not only is the exposed plunger likely to be coated with disease-causing bacteria, but letting the plunger drain freely or be carried without a container, sends a message that cleanliness may not be a top priority at your establishment.

Sani-Plunge Janitorial was invented to help you prevent the accidental spill of fecal bacteria from toilet plungers used at your facility.

Made from durable white plastic, with wide shoulder strap and flip top lid. Vented canister may stand alone or comes ready to carry with shoulder strap.

Sani-Plunge Janitorial

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Sani-Plunge Janitorial provides a clean and professional solution for transporting a germ-coated toilet plunger through public areas.