Mfg. Reps. Wanted

  Mfg. Reps. Wanted
The Sani-Plunge products are patent-pending items that are new
to the marketplace. We are seeking representatives to share in the
sales commissions from the Sani-Plunge line.

Representative Sales Kit
1 Sani-Plunge Janitorial and Perfect Plunger
1 Sani-Plunge Commercial and Perfect Plunger

$99.95, plus $15.95 U.S. Shipping

Representatives also receive

25 product flyers (see sample at right)

Distributor Pricing, below

Janitorial $69.95 retail    $59.95 your price
Commercial   $49.95 retail    $42.95 your price

Free shipping with 30+ units prepaid

Referral business to customers within your territory.
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